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So I’m watching Ultimate Avengers: The Movie and so far my favorite thing is hippy!Thor. I’m more than halfway through and Nat and Steve haven’t said a single word to each other, so I’m starting to tap my foot impatiently. But Bucky was old and Steve went to visit him and feels were had. 

She saved him!image

He’s in love, I’m pretty sure.

Actually I’m wrong. She’s the one who wants to get on that.


"You are a man I’m willing to follow." Yeah, into the bedroom.

Nat just said “vibranium tit”. I’m fairly certain.

And she’s carrying around a gun that’s bigger than her body. It’s awesome. 

The Hulk looks like Frankenstein. 


Captain America: The Winter Soldier

Natasha, what’s your status?


Captain America and Black Widow 636-640 x

I change the link, and I donwnload personaly the chapters, 639 doesent work the first link, but the second (mediafire) works!)

Secter Avengers Vol.1 1-37 x

Avengers 329 to 400 approximately (I only found the torrents)  x

Scarlett Johansson being a cutie pie behind the scenes of Captain America: The Winter soldier (x)

"Right. We’re getting married."

I was created human; But I was made to be a monster.


"I guess people stopped believing in me"